Analyzing Responses

Once you activate a Survey, you can access user responses and analyze its performance by accessing Stats & Reports from the Survey Card, as shown below.


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Here, you will find a detailed engagement report against key performance indicators and user details like Response, Name, Email Address, Location, User ID, Date of submission, and so on.

Let's walk you through each section:



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As highlighted above, this section provides a top-level view of Survey responses against Aggregated Stats like Displayed (Views), Attempted, Submitted and Responses Rate. (Detailed read)

  • You will also find a brief report on the Latest Responses received on the questionnaire along with the user's name and date-time of submission.

  • You can click the Download button placed on the top right to obtain a copy,

Individual Responses


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This section provides a detailed report of all the Survey responses for its entire lifetime. As shown above, click on a row to view specific answers and user details. Let's quickly walk you through it:

  • User Details Includes the user's Name (Who), When the response was submitted (Date-time), where it was submitted from (Region), and tech details like Browser, Page URL, and IP Address.

  • Client Data Includes user details related to your WebEngage accounts like their User ID (LUID), Source, and Email Address.

  • Responses to Questions by This User

You can choose to delete irrelevant submissions by selecting a row and clicking the Delete icon placed on the top left of List of Responses.

Full Report


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This section provides a detailed report of each response over the entire lifetime of your account.
Using Advanced Search, you can filter down the report by:

  • A specific time frame

  • Response Status: Helps you filter out survey responses that have been Read by an account admin, vs. those that are Unread.

  • Response ID: Each response is given a unique ID. Click on it to access details.

  • User ID: All users that interact with your platforms are assigned a unique ID in your dashboard.

  • Email (Address): Search for a user's messages by adding their email address (found under their User Profile).

  • Message: Type in a keyword to filter out all user queries that contain it.

  • Country, City

  • Browser

  • Tags: Tags can be created under Survey Card to manage them better.

  • Page URL: Add a link to filter out all messages that have been submitted on the page.

  • IP (Address): Specify the IP address to filter out all messages submitted through it.

  • Source

Once you have the details you need, click the Download button placed on the table's top right to get a copy.

Schedule Reports

You can easily track a survey's performance by having a report delivered to your inbox! Depending on your needs, you can choose to schedule the following types of reports:

  • Excel Report of Individual Responses

  • PDF Report of Aggregated Stats

  • Direct Email of Individual Responses

Here's how you can go about it:


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Step 1: Click the Add a New Report button to get started. (You can also schedule multiple reports of the same type for a survey.)

Step 2: Name your report.

Step 3: Specify recipient email addresses.

Step 4: Add a subject line for the report.

Step 5: Add a message to provide some context for the report.

Step 6: Specify the report frequency by selecting On (Response) Submission/ Once/ Hourly/ Daily/ Weekly, Monthly/ Quarterly.

Step 7: Specify the time at which the report must be sent.

Step 8 (Optional): Enable the field, Schedule an email even when no response is recorded to receive a notification about the same.

Step 9: Click Save to implement!

As highlighted below, you can choose to Edit, Pause or Delete a Scheduled Report anytime you like.


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We hope this has equipped you with a robust understanding of how you can access individual responses and analyze the survey's overall performance. Please feel free to drop in a few lines at [email protected] if you have any queries or feedback. We're always just an email away!