List of Journeys

Understanding the central hub of Journeys in your dashboard

List of Journeys is the first interface you'll experience when you select Journey from the navigation panel of your dashboard, as shown below. It's a central repository of all the Journeys created by you, making it easy for you to create, analyze and modify Journey experiences.


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Analyzing List of Journeys

This section presents an overview of each Journey against the number of Entries and Exits. Here's you how you can customize the list:

Step 1: Filter by Journey Status

As discussed under Journey Statuses, a Journey can have any one of the following statuses at a given point in time - Running, Stopped, Sunset, Upcoming, and Draft. While the default view shows you All Journeys, you can customize the list by selecting a status as shown below.


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Step 2: Analyze


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Let's walk you through all the column headers shown here:

Journey Name: Includes a list of all the Journey titles, hyperlinked to the [Overview and Live View](journey-overview-live-view) section.

Status: Indicates the current status of a Journey, which could be any of - Running, Stopped, Sunset, Drafts. (detailed read)

Start Date: Indicates the date and time at which the Journey was activated.

  • However, the activation doesn't necessarily imply that users started interacting with the Journey campaigns immediately. It simply implies that any users who met the Journey's Trigger criteria post-activation will subsequently enter it.

Entries: Indicates the total number of users that have entered the Journey since it's launch date till the present day.

  • Users can go on a Journey designed by you only if their actions or preferences match the Trigger criteria defined while creating it.
  • Each time a user enters a Journey, it's counted as a Trip. And over the entire lifetime of a user, they can go on multiple Trips through a Journey designed by you. Thus, Entries does not indicate the unique number of users who have experienced the Journey, it merely indicates the total number of users that have entered it.

Exits: Indicates the percentage of users for whom the Journey experience has ended ((from launch date till present day). This could happen due to any of the following reasons:

  • User's actions or preferences did not match the Condition criteria of a particular flow in the Journey.

  • User's actions or preferences matched the Exit Trigger defined while creating it, promoting us to remove them immediately.

  • User reached an End block or a dead end in the Journey and thus, automatically exited it.

  • Lastly, as highlight above, using the overflow menu placed on the top left, you can choose to analyze Exits as a numerical value (#) or as a percentage value (%).

Last Updated: Indicates the date, time and name of the account admin who last updated the Journey. This could be anything like changing the content of a journey campaign or modifying the campaign's settings.


Now, let's get you acquainted with all the actions you can take through this section:

Access Journey Overview

You can choose to analyze the collective impact of all your Journeys against key performance indicators by accessing the Overview, as shown below.


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Access Journey Creation

The Journey creation interface can be accessed by clicking the Plus icon placed on the top left, as shown below.


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Access a Journey's Overview & Live View

You can choose to analyze the performance of a Journey in detail by clicking its (hyperlinked) name. Doing so will direct you to its Overview & Live View sections, as shown below.


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Modify a Journey

Using the options nested under the overflow menu highlighted below, you can choose to Edit, Delete, Duplicate or Tag a Journey as per your needs. You can also Download Report and Schedule Report for the Journey.


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Search for a Journey

Skip the hunt - Use the search bar placed on the top right to dig out existing Journeys. Simply type in a keyword, we'll match it to all the campaign titles and tags, presenting a list you can choose from! (as shown below)


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So, what's next?

Let's get you started!