One-time settings that enable you to regulate brand messaging for each user at scale

Campaigns don't exist in isolation. Most marketing campaigns are designed for a specific audience, motivating them to perform a particular action. And more often than not, users receive multiple campaigns through various channels, nudging them towards a similar goal.

If left unchecked, continuous messaging cycles can drive users to a saturation point that builds aversion towards your brand. This can cause users to end their relationship with your brand by uninstalling your app, unsubscribing to a channel, or just ending all platform interactions abruptly.

This is why we've built campaign configurations that enable you to deliver a controlled yet effective brand experience at scale. These are one-time settings that you can apply to all your Campaigns, Journeys, Relays and regulate:

  • The number of messages received by a user within a specific time frame. (Frequency Capping)

  • The frequency at which a user received consecutive messages from your brand or a specific channel. (Time Gap)

  • The time at which messages are delivered to a user, as per their timezone. (DND Hours)

  • The format in which links appear in your SMS and WhatsApp messages. (Custom Domain Links)

So, what's next?

Let's show you how to configure these settings!