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Commonly asked questions related to Facebook-Instagram segment export

Here are a few additional pieces of information to help you seamlessly manage your Facebook Ad Account integrations with WebEngage:

1. How does Facebook identify a segment's users when their email address & phone number are encrypted?


Fun Fact! (That also sets the context)

At WebEngage, you can easily encrypt your user's Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like their email address and phone number while passing the data from your app and website. You can then leverage this data to engage users via SMS, WhatsApp, and Email.

Once a segment is exported to Facebook, a user's personal details, like phone number and email address are used to identify and add them to your Facebook Audience. However, in cases where you have encrypted these details, Facebook relies on the Advertising ID of a user to identify them.

2. Where can I find my Facebook Ad ID to integrate it with WebEngage?

You can find IDs of all your accounts in the Business Manager section of your Facebook Business account, as highlighted below.


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Simply copy the ID for the account you'd like to integrate with WebEngage and follow these steps :)

3. Why is the status of my Facebook integration, Inactive?

Whenever you add your Facebook Ad Account to WebEngage, by default, the integration is in an Inactive state. This is so because when you add your Facebook Ad Account in WebEngage, WebEngage sends a request to your Facebook Business account for access to a few permissions. Once WebEngage has access to these permissions, you be able to export segments to Facebook.


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To grant access to WebEngage, please click on the Activate link in your WebEngage dashboard for the Facebook ad account integration that is currently in an Inactive state. Once you click this link, you will be directed to your Facebook Business account page where you can approve the access to the relevant permissions.