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Survey List is the first interface you'll experience on selecting Web Personalization > Onsite Survey from the navigation panel. It's a central repository of all your Surveys and enables you to create, analyze, modify questionnaires and manage survey settings with great ease.


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It also presents an overview of all your Surveys against key details like Campaign ID, Status and performance indicators like Views and Response Rate.

The Most Important Feature - Enable/Disable Surveys

Using the toggle switch placed on the top left, you can choose to disable surveys for your website. Doing so will prevent all your Active campaigns from being shown to users.


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Customizing Survey List

Let's show you how you can customize the list to gain quick insights:


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1. Filter List by Status

At any given point in time, a Survey can have any of the following statuses:

1. Active: Indicates that the campaign is currently being shown to users as per your targeting settings.

2. Scheduled: Indicates that the campaign is scheduled for activation at an upcoming date.

3. Draft: All campaigns are automatically saved as a draft if they aren't activated during creation. This allows you to pick up exactly where you left, whenever you get back!

4. Inactive: Indicates that the campaign has ended. It could happen due to any of the following reasons:

  • The campaign was ceased as per the End Date specified while creating it.
  • The campaign has been Deactivated by an account admin.
  • You can always choose to reactivate a campaign by selecting More > Activate from the bottom left of the Campaign Card.

As highlighted below, you can selectively view Surveys by their current status.

2. Filter List by Tag

Tag is a handy feature that helps you categorize your campaigns as per their purpose, target audience, or any other parameter that makes them easier to locate. As highlighted above, you can choose to view a specific group of Surveys by selecting a tag from the dropdown.

Tags can be created by clicking Add Tag on the bottom left of a Campaign Card.

3. Search for a Campaign

Skip the hunt - Use the search bar placed on the top right to dig out existing campaigns. Type in a keyword, we'll match it to all the campaign titles, tags and present a list. (As highlighted above)

Analyzing Survey Cards

Each Campaign Card presents a snapshot of the Survey's engagement stats, status, layout type, and enables you to analyze and modify it.


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Let's walk you through all the details shown here:


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Analyzing Survey Responses

Modifying Surveys

Survey Link (only for Off-site Surveys): Copy the link placed on the top of the Survey Card to add it to an email, social media post, or any other platform as per your strategy.

Displayed: Indicates the total number of times users have viewed the survey on your website.

Attempted: Indicates the total number of users engaged through the survey questionnaire.

Submitted: Indicates the total number of users that have successfully submitted their responses.

Response Rate: Indicates the share of users that submitted their responses after viewing your survey.


Fact Check

Response Rate = (Submitted / Displayed) x 100

Campaign ID: All campaigns created in your dashboard are given a unique ID. This comes in handy when customizing the interactive experience of a particular Survey. (Detailed read)

Layout: Indicates the layout selected while creating the campaign. (Detailed read)

Status: A campaign can have any of the following statuses at a given point in time - Active/ Scheduled/ Draft/ Inactive. (Detailed read)

Tags: You can tag similar campaigns to manage them better and identify their purpose/end goal. This can be done by clicking Add Tag, as highlighted above.

  • You can click on the tag listed here to view all the campaigns to which it has been added.

Please feel free to drop in a few lines at [email protected] if you have any further queries. We're always just an email away!

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