Audit Log

Accountability for all the actions taken by your Account Admins across WebEngage Projects

Large teams are fun! Specially if they comprise of writers, artists, tech wizards, SEO geeks, UX empaths and PR geniuses (aka. your digital marketing bandwagon). But with big teams comes big responsibility. The responsibility to keep revenue growing - maintain your brand identity - keep team spirit high and instill accountability.

Yes. As teams grow, inculcating individual accountability and maintaining transparency becomes harder and harder.

We understand.

This is why we bring to you, Audit Log - a respository of the digital footprints of all your WebEngage Account Admins. It logs each action taken by an admin, across your Projects and various sections of the dashboard, making it extremely easy for you to answer questions like:

  • Who edited that low performing campaign & ramped up the conversion rate?
  • Who downloaded a list of users today?
  • Who published that killer Push Notification that's bringing in so much platform traffic?
  • Who created that segment of premium customers?

And much more!

How to Access

Campaign's Audit Log

You can access a campaign's audit log through it's Overview section. As shown below, click Show Details placed on the top right and click View against Audit Logs to access it's history.


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Global Audit Log

As shown below, you can access these details through the Settings > Audit Log section of your account.


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Let's walk you through it.

Log Records


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As highlighted above, the log indicates:

  • The date-time of action
  • The Email address of an admin
  • What the admin did: It could be anything like:
    • Created/ Edited/ Deleted a Segment/ Campaign/ Journey/ Relay/ Funnel/ Business Event
    • Dowloaded list of users for a Segment/ Campaign
    • Uploaded list of User Attributes/ Custom Events
    • Updated Account Settings and so on.

Customizing Log


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As shown above, you can choose to customize log records by the following parameters:

Specific Time Frame: Click the dropdown placed on the top right of the table to audit dashboard interactions for a particular duration. (Maximum Time Limit: 45 days)

Dashboard Features: Select a section of your dashboard from the dropdown, Show Audit Log Of, to scan through all the admin interactions that have occurred under it, for the selected time frame.

Account Admins: Select an admin from the dropdown, For Changes Made By, to evaluate the dashboard interactions of a specific teammate, for the selected time frame.

Please feel free to drop in a few lines at [email protected] in case you have any further queries or feedback. We're always just an email away!