Image & Text Guidelines

Recommendation to help you create highly impressive Email campaigns from scratch

Text Specifications

Minimum Font size: 12px (irrespective of the font being used)

Subject Line: Maximum 35 characters (including emojis) for optimal display on mobile

Sender Details: Maximum 25 characters (including emojis) for optimal display on mobile

Using Emojis: While most inboxes support emojis in the subject line and email body, these may not always render for Mail (iOS & Mac) & Windows Outlook users due their internal limitation.

Custom HTML Template


Please Note

This only covers image recommendations for creating emails in Raw HTML Mode and is not applicable to messages created in the Rich Text Mode or the *Drag & Drop Editor.

While the layout of an email depends greatly on the message you’re conveying, here are a few broad guidelines we recommend that you follow while creating an HTML email template:

HTML Template Dimensions

Maximum width of template: 600px

Adding Content Area: A maximum width of 560 px is recommended with a margin of 20px on the left and right sides.

Generally, email templates are resized to 320px (approx) for mobile devices, though the actual width will vary as per screen size & OS.

Image/GIF & Video Specifications

Please ensure that the images/GIFs and videos included within the email are hosted on a publicly accessible server/cloud service to ensure minimal load time.

File SizeFile Type
Less than 5MB.jpg / .png / .gif

Banner Image/GIF or Video: Maximum width of 560px

Adding Image/GIF or Video within body (in two columns): Maximum width of 240px

Adding Image/GIF or video within the body (in one column): Maximum width of 440px

Things to keep in mind

  • The actual rendering of the email template depends significantly on the network connection, device, email service(inbox), and the user's Inbox settings.

  • Email HTML templates may not load correctly for users using native inboxes like Mail (Mac & iOS), Windows Outlook, and so on due their internal limitations. It has nothing to do with your custom HTML/CSS code or the customizable HTML templates available under the Drag & Drop Editor in your dashboard.

Please feel free to drop in a few lines at [email protected] in case you have any further queries or feedback. We're always just an email away!

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