Custom Domain

How to send custom domain links in your SMS & WhatsApp Messages

All links added to SMS & WhatsApp campaigns are automatically shortened to the WebEngage domain -, allowing us to track users who click on it. Such interactions are tracked as the following Performance Indicators in your dashboard:

However, you can have these links shortened to a custom domain name of your choice. Here's how you can go about it:

Step 1: Create a Custom Sub-Domain

Create a sub-domain exclusively for sending links in your SMS and WhatsApp campaigns. Please avoid using your existing business domain(s) as it may impact its credibility, SEO prowess, and domain authority.

Custom domains are an excellent opportunity to reinforce your brand awareness, so choose a memorable name. You can go for an acronym that resonates with your existing domain name or value proposition.


For Example

If your website's domain name is

Then your sub-domain for sending links in SMS and WhatsApp campaigns can be:

and so on.

Step 2: Direct Custom Domain to

Add a CNAME entry for the custom domain and point it to with a TTL (time to live) of 30 minutes in your DNS (Domain Name System) zone file. Doing so will ensure that your domain name is not replaced with when the link is shortened.

Here's how it works:


When No Custom Domain is Specified

will be appended to


When Custom Domain Is Specified

pointing to

will ensure that

is appended to

This will not impact your campaign's Click stats in any way.

Step 3: Add Custom Domain in Dashboard


Click to enlarge

As shown above, go to Settings > Campaign Custom Domain section, add the domain name, and click Save.

  • The domain will now be used to shorten all the links in your SMS & WhatsApp campaigns by default.

We hope this has enabled you to set up your custom domain for your account. Please feel free to drop in a few lines at [email protected] if you have any queries or feedback. We're always just an email away!