List of Scheduled Reports

List of Reports is the first interface you'll experience on accessing Reports nested under Campaign Manager in your dashboard. It's a central repository of all the performance reports scheduled by you and your team and enables you to:


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Understanding Report Details

Let's quickly walk you through the details shown against each report in this section:


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Report: This column lists all the campaign performance reports that have been scheduled for your account, along with a summary of each report's settings including, Frequency, When & Data to Include.

No. of Subscribers: Indicates the number of account users that are currently subscribed to a report.

  • Only for campaign reports: As highlighted above, you can click on the hyperlinked number to preview a list of subscribers.

Status: Indicates your subscription status for a report (Subscribed/ Unsubscribed).

  • Actions: The overflow menu nested under this column allows you to Modify, Delete, Subscribe to / Unsubscribe to the corresponding report.

Subscribing/ Unsubscribing to a Report

As shown above:

  • Select Subscribe from the Actions menu to start receiving the performance report on your registered email address.

  • Select Unsubscribe to suspend schedule report delivery to your email address.


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Scheduling New Report

As shown below, click the Plus icon placed on the top left to set up a new performance report in your dashboard.


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Modifying Report

As shown below, all account admins can choose to modify or delete a report by selecting Change Settings or Delete, respectively from a report's actions menu.


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Change Settings


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As shown above, select Change Settings from the actions menu to modify a report. In doing so, you will be prompted by a pop-up allowing you to alter all the aspects of the Scheduled Report.

Delete Scheduled Report


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Step 1: As shown above, select Delete from the actions menu to disable the Scheduled Report permanently.

  • In doing so, you will be prompted by a pop-up asking you to confirm your decision.

Step 2: Click the Delete button on the pop-up.

  • Deletion will be confirmed by a notification on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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