Best Channel

WebEngage system intelligently decides the best channel (Push / Email / SMS / WhatsApp / Web Push) to send a campaign to the user depending on their past activity. Best Channel becomes an intelligent user attribute that can then be used for segmentation, analysis, and also in Journeys/Relays. Its value would be automatically updated on a periodic basis by the system.



This feature is only available for selected customers. Please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or [email protected] to get access.

It is recommended to use this feature only if you're actively using more than 1 channel of engagement to send campaigns in your project.

Create segments

Use the Best Channel intelligent attribute to create live segments/static lists.


Analyze users and segments

Go to the Analyze tab to analyze the value of Best Channel for all users or for users belonging to a specific live segment.


Use in journeys/relays

Check a user's best channel before sending them a campaign.


Here's an example of the Otherwise branch would work: if you have configured 3 branches - Email, SMS and Otherwise: in this case, all users whose best channel is NOT Email or SMS would proceed from the Otherwise branch. This would also include users whose best channel is not set by the system.

Check value for a specific user

There's a section called Intelligent Attributes in the Attributes tab of the user profile. It will show what is the best channel for that user. We'll add more intelligent attributes in this section in the future, stay tuned!