CSV Uploads

There are two types of data that you can upload to WebEngage through CSV files: Users and Events.

While WebEngage automatically captures your user and events data on your app or website, if there is any user or events data that needs to be added to WebEngage on an ad hoc basis, you could do so by uploading your User CSV files or Events CSV files on the WebEngage dashboard.

This can be useful in the following cases:

  • You have historical data of users and events that you want to sync with WebEngage.
  • You have added new users along with events they have performed to your database through some offline mechanism and you want to sync these records to WebEngage.
  • You want to make a one-time mass update to a certain attribute of a group of users eg. change the Membership Type of a group of users from Silver to Gold.
  • You are interested in adding a new attribute to all the user profiles eg. Add a new attribute called Score and put the default value as 0.
  • You want to sync user and events data to WebEngage on a periodic basis without any involvement of your engineers.

So, what's next?