Key Concepts

Understanding how Journeys work in WebEngage


A Journey is a wholesome experience that guides each user through the various stages of their lifecycle by engaging them in the right moment, with the most relevant context, through their preferred channel.

Let's get you acquainted with a few key Journey concepts before we proceed to creation:





Users In Journey

All users who are currently experiencing the Journey are referred to as Users In Journey across your dashboard.


All users, for whom the Journey experience has ended are referred to as Exits

exit trigger
end journey block
dead end in the journey
when an unknown user profile merges with a known user profile: unknown user exits journey, new known user profile enters from the same point as the exit


Whenever a user Enters the Journey through an Entry Trigger defined by you,

Journey Events

Journey Status

The status of each Journey can be checked through the List of Journeys section of your dashboard, as highlighted below.

Let's get you acquainted with what each status denotes:


It indicates that the Journey is currently active and is being experienced by your users. All Journeys run indefinitely until you choose to manually Sunset or Stop it to prevent users from experiencing it any further.


It indicates that the Journey is currently being prepared for deactivation by:

  • Allowing all users in the Journey to complete their on-going Trip.
  • Preventing new users from Entering the Journey.

Thus, as soon as all users Exit the Journey, its status will change to Stopped.


It indicates that the Journey has been deactivated by an account admin. You can always choose to modify and Publish the Journey again in the future.


This indicates that the Journey has been saved as a draft in your account. All Journeys are automatically saved as a draft if you don't click the Publish button while creating it. This allows you to pick up exactly where you left, whenever you get back!

So, what's next?

Now let's help you create your first Journey!