List of Funnels

Understanding features of the main funnels section in your dashboard

List of Funnels is the first interface you'll experience when you select Funnels from the left menu on your dashboard (highlighted in magenta). It's a central repository of all the funnels created by you and may extend into multiple pages.


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Let's get you acquainted with all the actions you can take through this section:

Access Funnel Creation

The funnel creation interface can be accessed by clicking the Plus icon placed on the top left of this section, as shown below. (Detailed read on Creating Funnels)


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Once you’ve added the name of your funnel, you can proceed to selecting the users you are going to funnel by either, selecting the segment directly from the dropdown or by using the advanced filter option.

Advanced Filter Option
Within the advanced filter you can filter out users based on user attributes or the segment filter where you can either include or exclude users from particular segments.

Access Funnel Analysis

The analysis section of a funnel can be accessed by selecting its name from the list, as shown below.


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Funnel analysis provides a breakdown of the funnel's performance against several metrics like; total conversion rate, the conversion rate of each step, the average time taken to exit the funnel and so on. Detailed read on Analysing Funnels.

Keep an eye out for these things while analysing your funnels as well.

  • Percentile: You now have the ability to assess specific funnels at 50%, 75%, and 90% percentiles, gaining a more nuanced understanding of your data.
  • Progressed: With enhanced funnel functionality, you can now identify users who have advanced through a step as well as those who have discontinued their progression in a specific funnel.
  • Count:If your users enters into a funnel multiple times, they will be counted multiple times.

Modify a Funnel

Using the overflow menu placed on the extreme right of each funnel you can choose to Edit, Duplicate or Delete it, as shown below. Simply select an option and follow the steps listed here.


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Search for a Funnel

Skip the hunt - Use the search bar placed on the top right to dig out existing funnels. All you need to do is type in a keyword, we'll match it to all the funnel titles that include it and present a short list you can choose from! (as shown below)


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So, what's next?

Now let's show you how to create and analyze funnels in your dashboard.